Turning the earth is a metaphor for what precedes my perceptions, conclusions and actions. I like to turn my earth well, and in an organised way so my world turns a little more smoothly.

I like to investigate, challenge my thinking, consider the variables and other points of view before coming to conclusions.

Many things in life are not a one size fits all, beyond the need for food, water, air, good health and satisfying relationships. Skin colour, size, gender and age are attributes but do not define us. While we should celebrate what is unique about us, celebrating what is the SAME is what can unite us. Nationality is one thing, but I don’t identify with any particular  race, because we are all a blend if we go back far enough in time.

Perhaps we should rather consider if we are wise, compassionate, generous, loyal, trustworthy…….

Born and living in Australia, I’m a genealogy addict as it’s not only illuminating about the many people’s lives who have impacted mine, but  a fascinating look into history in the most personal way possible. Challenging and satisfying, by looking at my ancestry I’ve stretched  existing skills and learned new ones.

I’d love to hear other people’s journeys as I share mine.